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Dreamland in Brazil is on the north coast of Brazil.  This coast has the best kitesurfing in Brazil.  The best-known kitesurfing spots are at Cumbuco, Paracaru, Jericoacoara and Prea.  These spots do have very good kitesurfing conditions but Praia de Baleia has truly outstanding kitesurfing conditions.


There are excellent downwinders to be had along the beaches immediately to either side of Dreamland in Brazil.  The Mundau to Praia de Baleia stretch often has some of the best waves to be found on any downwinder on this coast and the Praia de Baleia to Icaraizinho stretch has both the biggest waves and the flattest water found on this coast.



There are so many factors that make kitesurfing at Dreamland in Brazil more enjoyable than elsewhere but there are two major factors: 

–                            the valuable factor is that all this quality sailing is either directly in front of the house or within one kilometer.

–                            the priceless factor is that there are NO CROWDS. Repeat: NO CROWDS!

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Great flat-water conditions exist at certain tide levels so a typical day can provide flat-water and waves all within a kilometer of Dreamland in Brazil.

Although the waves here are amongst the best on this coast they are not intimidating like the powerful waves found in Hawaii and California.  The wind is side-onshore and the water temperature is 28 Celsius (82 Fahrenheit).

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