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Praia de Baleia is a genuine Brazilian fishing village.  It is not a tourist village that was once-upon-a-time a fishing village.  There are about a dozen restaurants and simple bars on the beach and one tourist gift shop.  There is no nightlife.

Within the village limits there is a dramatic dune field, with one large lake and many scattered small lakes, which can be explored by foot or beach buggy.  It is quite an experience to get “lost” in the dunes.kitesurfing village dunes w

Keep in mind that it is comfortable t-shirt and shorts weather here twenty-four hours a day and it rarely gets very hot. Even the humidity level is surprisingly comfortably low.

You do not need any medical shots to visit this part of Brazil.  Many parts of this coast have quite a few mosquitos but Dreamland in Brazil is unique in that it has ocean breezes that blow twenty-four hours a day that keep away mosquitos.  Mosquito nets are not required at Dreamland in Brazil.  We have all the benefits of the tropics with none of the drawbacks.

It is doubtful that there is any other coast in the world that has such an amazing combination of perfect weather and perfect conditions for kitesurfing. That is partly why we named our guest house Dreamland in Brazil.



Rush-hour traffic in peaceful Praia de Baleia.

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