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Dreamland in Brazil rooms have private bathrooms with hot-water showers.  Air conditioning is not provided and is NOT NECESSARY.

This may be hard to believe, being near the equator, but please trust us on this.  Sure you might sometimes need air conditioning in Jericoacoara and at other spots but you do not need it here.  You sleep so close to the ocean breezes, that blow all night, that you will not be uncomfortable.

It is the combination of the excellent kitesurfing conditions and the perfect sleeping weather that inspired the word “dreamland” in our name.









The objective of our rate structure is to provide 100% of your vacation needs for a fixed price.

All rates are now quoted in US$. 

Since we opened in 2005 we have offered such great value to our guests that the largest portion of our current business is repeat business.

The economic situation in Brazil has taken a dramatic turn for the worse for tourist-related businesses. Kitesurfing tourism is way up in terms of numbers of guests but it is way down in terms of dollars earned.

Our great level of service has always been based upon a nightly double-occupancy rate per person of about US$80 to 90. Do remember that that includes everything – accommodation, all meals, all drinks and many services.

Because we always quoted in Brazilian reais we have fallen victim to terrible exchange rates. Recently our room rate dropped to the equivalent of less than US$60. Not only is that not profitable but it is not sustainable. There is also the added problem of high inflation in Brazil affecting the cost of the high standards we provide.

With the current political upheavals who knows what is going to happen to the Brazilian real. I may have to change the prices again. However, once deposits are paid the price is guaranteed.

Because most of our guests come from North America and Europe it is logical and fairer to all to quote in US$ (and/or euros).

Our rates for 2016 are essentially the same as they were in 2013 at a nightly double-occupancy rate per person of US$85.

.                                               US$85   per night, per person – based upon double occupancy.

.                                               US$130 per night, per person – based upon single occupancy.                                               .

Children Policy

  •     Children up to 8 years old – free.  For two children up to 8 years old sharing the parents’ room one will be charged   as an adult.
  •                                                            (Meaning that a room with 2 adults + 2 children = 3 adults rate)
  •     Children staying in an additional room (separate from parents) pay as an adult.
  •     Children between ages 8 and 14 sharing the parents’ room pay US$65.

We accept cash, bank wire transfers or payments via PayPal.  Sorry, no credit cards or checks. 

Value for Your Money

For these prices you get:

–                           (1) all meals and all drinks*.
–                           (2) the run of the kitchen.  Make a midnight snack as if you were in your own home.  Cook if you want to.
–                           (3) laundry service for guests staying three days or more.
–                           (4) Wi-Fi service.  If you don’t have your own laptop you can check your e-mails on ours.
–                           (5) buggy support for sailing downwinders along our favorite stretch of beach.
–                           (6) equipment repair help and use of the workshop and tools
–                           (7) kite rigging assistance.
–                           (8) a souvenir DVD of photos and videos of your sailing and activities**

You don’t need to spend another penny.  The rates at pousadas only include breakfast.  Paying for extra meals and drinks (especially drinks), plus other services, will usually result in much higher daily expenses than these.  Plus there is no need to hire a buggy to get to the sailing spots.

*Of course “all drinks” means within reason but the average person will get all the beer, wine, caipirinhas, gin and tonics, etc., that are desired.

** We are avid photographers and will enjoy capturing your best kitesurfing moments.

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